Welcome, introductions


Welcome to the Back Channel,  a reported blog on Washington foreign policy and the Middle East. Al Monitor is a new site dedicated to bringing more in-depth coverage and perspectives from the Middle East through original reporting as well as translations from media partners in the region, including in Turkey, Israel, Beirut and throughout the Arab world.

I am a Washington-based reporter who has covered foreign policy and national security for the past decade, most recently for Yahoo News, and previously for Politico and Foreign Policy magazine. (I also write a weekly column at World Politics Review.)  I plan to focus here at the Back Channel on trying to surface some of the more interesting conversations running between Washington and the region–observations (beyond the podium) from officials in and out of government, the diplomatic community and beyond; to report scooplets, policy and appointment news; highlights of key must-reads and pointers to the overlooked–as well as to post contributions from Al-Monitor’s Beirut bureau chief Ben Gilbert (@benrgilbert), Washington correspondent Barbara Slavin (@barbaraslavin1), and other colleagues. I am a reporter–not a Middle East expert–and sincerely welcome and invite comments, guidance, corrections and tips from you, readers, and can be reached at lkrozen at gmail dot com