Help wanted: US seeks National Intelligence Officer, Iran


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Job Title:National Intelligence Officer, Iran

Agency:Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Job Announcement Number:18383


$120,716.00 to $172,500.00 / Per Year


Tuesday, May 15, 2012 to Tuesday, June 05, 2012




Full Time – Detail NTE 2 years


1 vacancy(s) – Fairfax County, VA United StatesView Map


All groups of qualified individuals


ODNI MISSION:  Lead intelligence integration.  Forge an Intelligence Community that delivers the most insightful intelligence possible. […]


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Major Duties and Responsibilities:


As a member of the National Intelligence Council, the NIO/Iran will oversee Intelligence Community (IC) wide production and coordination of the full range of analytic assessments on Iran including strategic analysis on Iran (NIEs, other community papers, IC Assessments and Sense of the Community Memoranda), and, as appropriate and required, more focused, time-sensitive analysis for the most senior decision makers in the USG.


Orchestrate, direct, and in some cases draft Community-wide mid- and long-term strategic analysis to support and advance senior policy maker and war fighter understanding of Iran.  Serve as subject matter expert and analytic advisor on Iran issues in support of the DNI’s role as the principal intelligence advisor to the President.


As a member of the NIM/Iran Team, develop the analytic portion of the UIS for Iran, in concert with analysts from across the IC and under the operational guidance of the NIM/Iran.  In the implementation of the UIS, provide assessments of IC analytic efforts on Iran, ensure robust tradecraft is applied against the target, and develop strategies for enhancing community expertise on the Iran target.


Provide warning to policymakers on emerging issues that could portend major discontinuities or affect significant US interests and opportunities.


Liaise and collaborate with senior policy makers in ensuring that policy maker priorities guide national-level intelligence collection and analysis.


Develop and sustain a professional network with IC analysts and analytic managers to ensure timely and appropriate intelligence support to policy customers regarding Iran issues.  Similarly, develop and sustain a network with industry, academic, and other USG Iran subject matter experts.


Brief senior IC members, policy makers, military decision makers, members of Congress, and other major stakeholders as necessary on the IC’s analytic assessment on Iran issues.


Review and preside over the research and production plans on Iran issues of the Community’s analytic components, identify redundancies and gaps, identify strategies to address gaps, and advise the DNI on gaps and shortfalls in analytic capabilities across the IC.


Work with the NIM/Iran team to assist in ensuring that analysis and collection are fully integrated, and participate as appropriate in helping determining the state of collection on Iran issues, identifying gaps, and supporting integrated Community-wide strategies to mitigate any gaps.


As a member of the NIM/Iran team, represent analytic positions in liaison relationships with key foreign intelligence services, government officials, and other experts on Iran.


Lead, manage, and direct the professional-level analytic staff of the NIM/Iran team, evaluate performance, collaborate on goal setting, and provide feedback and guidance regarding personal and professional development opportunities.




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