India, South Korea, Turkey among nations to receive waivers from new US Iran sanctions


The United States announced Monday that it will waive India, South Korea, Turkey and four other countries from new US Iran sanctions, Reuters’ Susan Cornwell reports. The sanctions, targeting transactions with Iran’s central bank, are set to go into effect June 28th.

The nations to receive waivers are: India, South Korea, Turkey, South Africa, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, as well as Taiwan. The United States previously exempted 11 nations in Europe and Japan. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has certified that the nations selected for waivers have significantly reduced their imports of Iranian oil.

(My colleague Barbara Slavin reported last week that the State Department had recommended exempting India.)

Not on the waiver list: two members of the P5+1 international group negotiating with Iran:  China and Russia, the latter which hosts the next round of nuclear talks June 18-19th.