GOP-linked Emergency Committee ad: It’s time to act on Iran


BuzzFeed’s Zeke Miller reports:

The Emergency Committee for Israel, the hawkishly pro-Israel conservative group, has released a new ad targeting the Obama administration’s Iran policies, calling for immediate action to put an end to the country’s nuclear program.


The “significant” ad buy will air in New York and Washington DC beginning today, on Sunday political shows, and during weekend sporting events, with additional markets to follow next week, according to the group.


“President Obama says we must prevent the Iranian regime from getting nuclear weapons. Yet talking isn’t accomplishing this goal,” ECI’s Noah Pollak told BuzzFeed. “The Emergency Committee urges the president to live up to his promise to stop Iran. Don’t delay. Don’t ask others to do our job for us. It’s time to act.”

The National Jewish Democratic Council’s David Harris countered in a statement Thursday that the Emergency Committee is a “Republican front group” that “has nothing to do” with Iran, or Israel.

“It has to do with one thing: electing Republicans and defeating President Barack Obama.,” the NJDC said. The Emergency Committee “puts politics first, plain and simple — regardless of the damage it does to the bipartisan U.S.-Israel alliance or the global effort to stop Iran that President Obama has led.”

“The people who pushed for war with Iraq are now bent on starting a war with Iran,” J Street’s President Jeremy Ben-Ami said in a statement. “The security of the United States – and of Israel – are too important to stand idly by while some of Mitt Romney’s biggest supporters press for another war.”

The ECI ad below.

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