Egypt’s Tamer Hosny teams up with LA’s Snoop Dogg on new song


Egyptian singer and actor Tamer Hosny has teamed up with American rapper/producer phenomenon Snoop Dogg on a new song to be released this week, Al Arabiya reports.

You can see a sneak preview of the video for the song, “Si L Sayed,” above, which was filmed in Los Angeles and posted by Hosny to YouTube this past spring.

“Both Hosny and Snoop Dogg have composed their own parts of the song,” Al Arabiya reports.

As protests got underway in Egypt in January 2011, Hosny, 34, “canceled his tour abroad and flew back home,” Al Arabiya writes. Appearing on stage in Tahrir Square on February 9, 2011, “his presence caused some confusion and anger, as some demonstrators believed he was urging them to leave the streets,” the news agency said.

But he was later cited expressing solidarity with the protesters, Al Arabiya said, and has produced two songs linked to recent political events: Good Morning Egypt and Martyrs 25 January, in honor of those killed in the protests.