Draft UN resolution calls for sanctions if Syria troops don't stop killing in 10 days


The Back Channel is posting a draft UN Security Council resolution circulating on Syria, dated July 12, 2012. The draft resolution, written by British diplomats in close consultation with the US, France, and Germany, calls for sanctions to be imposed if Syrian forces do not stop their assault on population centers within ten days.

It also calls for full implementation of envoy Kofi Annan's 6-point plan, and for the UN monitoring mission to be renewed for 45 days.

The Security Council, “acting under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations” calls on Syrian authorities to “cease troop movements towards population centres, …use of heavy weapons in such centres, …and to withdraw its troops and heavy weapons from population centres to their barracks.”

It further “decides that, if the Syrian authorities have not fully complied with [the] … above within ten days, then it shall impose immediately measures under Article 41 of the UN Charter,” the draft resolution states.

The resolution “includes a clear threat of sanctions if the regime fails in its first step of stopping the use of heavy weapons with a fixed timeline,” Mark Lyall Grant, the U.K.’s UN envoy in New York, said Tuesday, Bloomberg News' Flavia Krause-Jackson reported Thursday.  “We’ve heard a lot of commitments in the past. They have not been followed through.”

Russia said Wednesday.it would not accept the draft, because it opposes its invocation of Chapter 7. ““Chapter 7 is the last resort,” Russia's deputy UN ambassador Alexander Pankin said Wednesday, Krause-Jackson wrote. Russia has circulated  its own draft resolution but western countries say it does not go far enough.

Russian diplomats meantime held meetings in Moscow this week with Syrian opposition activists. “We want a real break between Russia and the current regime,” Burhan Ghalioun, a member of the opposition Syrian National Council, aid in Moscow Wednesday, Bloomberg reported. “You are still arming a regime that is killing its own people.”

You can read the draft resolution here.


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