Netanyahu: Bulgaria bus bombing “perpetrated by Hezbollah”


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday that Hezbollah carried out the July 18 Bulgaria bus bombing that killed seven people, including five Israelis, and wounded over 30.

“Yesterday’s attack in Bulgaria was perpetrated by Hezbollah, Iran’s leading terrorist proxy,” Netanyahu said at a news conference Thursday, according to a statement provided to Al-Monitor by the Israeli embassy. “This attack was part of a global campaign of terror carried out by Iran and Hezbollah.”

Netanyahu spoke as the bodies of five Israeli tourists killed in the attack were returned to Israel.

U.S. intelligence also assesses that the bus bombing was carried out by a Bulgaria-based Hezbollah cell, the New York Times reported Thursday, citing an unnamed senior U.S. official.

Netanyahu on Wednesday more directly accused Iran of being behind the attack. “All signs point to Iran,” he said. But his remarks Thursday, while accusing Hezbollah of direct responsibility, still asserted Iran’s ultimate culpability for its sponsorship of Hezbollah.

“This terror campaign has reached a dozen countries on five continents,” Netanyahu said Thursday. “The world’s leading powers should make it clear that Iran is the country that stands behind this terror campaign. …And everything should be done to prevent Iran, the world’s most dangerous regime, from developing the world’s most dangerous weapons.”


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