Monday roundup: Ehud Barak calls it quits


  • Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, 70, facing trouncing in upcoming elections, announces his retirement from politics.
  • Analysts weigh in.
  • State Department cancels Andrew W.K.’s trip to Bahrain.
  • Russia sent Syria tons of cash, ProPublica investigation finds.
  • Gaza conflict further imperils two-state solution.
  • Hamas backs Abbas’ UN bid.
  • Yossi Beilin argues Israel and US should support Palestinian UN statehood bid.
  • Iran criticizes US for cancelling WMD-free Middle East conference.
  • The motley group who pushed Iron Dome against the skeptics.
  • Turkey FM Davutoglu confirms resumption of reconciliation talks with Israel.
  • Egypt’s Morsi to meet judges over power grab.
  • From jail cell, “Innocence of Muslims” video-maker expresses no regret.
  • Diplomats discuss way forward with Iran.
  • White House advances ‘insider threat‘ policy.
  • Somali restauranteur returns from London to help rebuildpost-war Mogadishu.Photo: Israel’s Defence Minister Ehud Barak waves as he leaves after a news conference in Tel Aviv November 26, 2012. Barak, a main architect of Israel’s policy toward Iran’s nuclear programme, said in a surprise announcement on Monday that he was quitting politics and would not run in the January 22 national election. REUTERS/Nir Elias.)