Roundup: Upbeat start to Obama Israel trip



  • Operation Desert Schmooze off to upbeat start.
  • Palestinians, feeling neglected, seek Obama’s attention.
  • On Obama’s Israel agenda, bolstering US standing in the region.
  • Netanyahu’s new security team lacks experience.
  • Iraq experience informs Obama’s caution on Iraq, Syria.
  • Ask Iraqis what they think 10 years after US invasion to topple Saddam.
  • Ken Pollack thinks Iran is containable.
  • Reading Khamenei on US talks.
  • Iran official statement on Istanbul technical talks.
  • Iran source close to talks says updated P5+1 offer unbalanced in demands.
  • Obama master of Iran red lines.
  • Saudi Arabia arrests 18 for spying, including Iranian, Lebanese.

(Photo: AFP.)