Roundup: US vet charged with fighting with al-Qaida in Syria

  • US Army vet Eric Harroun charged with fighting with al Qaida in Syria, conspiring to use WMD.
  • Obama fears US-led Syria intervention would “devour’’ rest of presidency.
  • Tom Friedman cautions against US mission creep in Syria.
  • Arms shipments rise to Syria rebels.
  • Cyprus sentences Hezbollah operative to four years prison for plot to kill Israelis.
  • Egyptian-born IDF public affairs officer learned Jewish at 15 (h/t @RobertMackey).
  • Among US-listed companies doing business in Iran, a Norwegian ‘whale.’
  • Iran sanctions may force BP to close North Sea gas field.
  • Iran lawmakers warn Saudi execution of Shia cleric will hasten al Saud downfall
  • Shah-era founder of Iran nuclear program Akhbar Etamad voices support for Tehran’s current policies
  • A China pivot to Middle East?

(Photo of US Army vet Eric Harroun via al Arabiya.)