Romney advisor on Syria: First, antagonize Russia, China


What to do about the bloodshed in Syria? John Bolton, the gleefully hawkish former US ambassador to the UN and a top foreign policy adviser to GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, argues in a National Review oped Monday that President Obama’s current policy is feckless and weak. Few surprises there.

But Bolton’s proscription for what a President Romney should do–essentially antagonize Russia and China, pull out of the new START arms control treaty, threaten Iran with war, and find secular, liberal (Ahmad Chalabi) types in Syria Americans would prefer rule the country–“‘assuming they exist”)–seems to help partly explain why some say Iran may prefer a Republican victory this fall. After all, such a course of action would seemingly quickly explode the international consensus on diplomatically isolating and economically pressuring Iran over its nuclear program.

Brief excerpt from Bolton’s piece below the fold, but go read the whole piece: Continue reading