Pioneering Israeli-Palestinian webzine closes: “There is no peace process”


Bitterlemons, a pioneering Israeli-Palestinian web-zine founded to advance dialogue between the peoples of the Middle East, is closing after 11 years amid the protracted peace process stalemate, its co-founders informed readers Monday.

“My hope was that bitterlemons would provide a venue for the Palestinian voice to be heard, and to this day, I remain proud that we seem to have achieved this.” Ghassan Khatib, Palestinian co-founder of the site, wrote Monday.

But two decades after the Oslo peace process, “Palestinians and Israelis are barely conversational,” Khatib continued. “Every day, there is new word of land confiscations, arrests, demolitions, and legislative maneuvers to solidify Israel’s control. .. We are now, it appears, at the lowest point in the arc of the pendulum, one that is swinging away from the two-state solution into a known unknown: an apartheid Israel.”

Israeli co-founder Yossi Alpher adds:

We are ceasing publication for reasons involving fatigue–on a number of fronts. First, there is donor fatigue. …
These …developments also reflect local fatigue. There is no peace process and no prospect of one. …It’s time to move on.

Sobering and very sad.

(Photo: A Palestinian farmer removes snow from his broken lemon trees after snow blanketed his farmland in the West Bank city of Hebron February 26, 2003. REUTERS/Nayef Hashlamoun.)