Iran nuclear talks get underway in Baghdad


Baghdad__Iran nuclear talks have gotten underway in Baghdad.

“Good body language, a good routine has set in,” one official told Al Monitor about 90 minutes after diplomats from six nations and Iran went into a plenary meeting.

The top international negotiator, EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, is presenting a detailed proposal on behalf of the P5+1 group. The proposal is focused on a confidence building measure that aims to curb Iran’s higher level 20% uranium enrichment, diplomats said.

The proposal includes “confidence building measures that can begin to pave the way for Iran to demonstrate that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes and for it to comply with UNSC resolutions,” a western official said.

“This approach includes concrete, step-by-step, reciprocal measures aimed at near term action,” he said. “We are looking to have detailed and serious discussions in Baghdad that strive to make progress towards these concrete steps.”

Iran seemed unlikely to either accept or reject the proposal outright at this meeting.

Western diplomats have indicated that if the Iranians show a constructive response to the proposal, they would like to propose that the parties meet more frequently in a single location, in order to advance a possible accord. Diplomats have suggested that such meetings could occur every few weeks–not always with all the rigamarole of the last few rounds of high-stakes talks in Istanbul and Baghdad. For instance, a regular meeting spot in Geneva could sometimes bring together technical experts, middle level diplomats, for a process that could take months and is envisioned to be implemented over several steps, they suggested.

It was as yet unclear Wednesday if the talks would continue for a second day.

“What happened in Istanbul was positive,” Michael Mann, spokesman for Ashton, told journalists shortly after the plenary talks had begun Wednesday.

“I can’t express optimism [about this meeting in Baghdad] til we hear the response from the Iranians to our proposal.”

“Key now for a detailed dialogue and tangible results,” the first official said.

Diplomats have said they will make public their proposal in the next day or two.

Al Monitor reported Tuesday on some of the elements of the proposal. Continue reading