Syrian state TV: Syrian Defense Minister, Assad brother in law killed in suicide blast


Syrian Defense Minister Gen. Daoud Rajha and Bashar al-Assad’s powerful brother-in-law were killed in a suicide bombing of a cabinet meeting in Damascus Wednesday, Syrian state TV reported.

“The Minister of Defense was martyred by the terrorist bombing that targeted the national security building,” the State TV report said, according to the BBC.

Assef Shawkat, the husband of Assad’s sister and a senior defense official, was also killed in the blast, Syrian state TV later reported.

Several other ministers were reported to be wounded, some critically. Later reports said former Defense Minister and Assistant Vice President Hassan Turkmani subsequently died of wounds sustained in the blast.

The blast reportedly occurred at a national security building in the city’s Rawda district, which has been sealed off. Unconfirmed reports said the suicide bomber was a body guard for one of the ministers attending the meeting. The Free Syrian Army claimed responsibility for the attack.

Syria’s Information Minister went on TV Wednesday to condemn the attack, blaming it on foreign-backed terrorists.

The attacks on Assad’s inner circle suggest the Syrian rebellion is entering a dramatic new phase after  four days of intense fighting in the Syrian capital.

“The demise of Rajha and Shawkat represents a partial decapitation of the Assad’s regime,” journalist Hisham Melhem wrote on Twitter. “Assad’s house is crumbling.”

US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, speaking Wednesday at the Pentagon with his British counterpart Phillip Hammond, said events on the ground in Syria appeared to be “rapidly spinning out of control.”

“The violence there has only gotten worse and the loss of lives has only increased, which tells us that this is a situation that is rapidly spinning out of control,” Panetta said.

Hammond warned Assad not to use his chemical weapons. “We will not tolerate the use or the proliferation of those chemical weapons,” Hammond said, the Associated Press reported.

Russian  Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said a “decisive battle” appeared to be underway in Damascus.

But he reiterated Russia’s intention to block a UK-drafted resolution which had been due to be debated at the United Nations Security Council Wednesday. The session would likely be postponed, diplomats told Agence France Press.  Continue reading