AP: US democracy groups aided favored groups in Egypt


The Associated Press reports on continued controversy in Egypt over US-funded so-called democracy promotion groups, and allegations by anonymous US officials that the groups are picking sides:

… Interviews and documents obtained by the Associated Press show that the workers’ protest and the broader government crackdown with the raids helped expose what US officials do not want to admit publicly: the US government spent tens of millions of dollars financing and training liberal groups in Egypt, the backbone of the Egyptian uprising. This was done to build opposition to Islamic and pro-military parties in power, all in the name of developing democracy and all while US diplomats were assuring Egyptian leaders that Washington was not taking sides.

“We were picking sides,” said a senior US official involved in discussions with Egyptian leaders after last year’s revolution swept President Hosni Mubarak from power after three decades. The official requested anonymity to discuss sensitive diplomatic matters. […]


Of course, it’s worth noting: the US-favored groups seem to have lost big. Continue reading