Romney advisor: Arm the moderates in Syria opposition


Richard Williamson, a top foreign policy spokesperson for the Mitt Romney campaign, tells Al Monitor‘s Barbara Slavin that the US should arm selected rebel forces in Syria and be willing to go beyond the UN Security Council to intervene in Syria. Williamson also demanded that Iran cease all uranium enrichment and said the US should be more loyal to Israel, which he said President Barack Obama had thrown “under the bus.”

From Slavin’s interview:

Williamson: The first thing is we should be in there… You can have covert operatives, others you are working with, Turkey and … working with exiles, just like we did with Libya. The suggestion that you should lead from behind is folly in a case like this. We have great strategic interests in Syria. The commander of Central Command [Gen. James Mattis] said that the greatest strategic blow to Iran would be a change of the Assad regime… The question really is why haven’t we done more in the last 14 months.

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